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All you need to know about Squirrels

Who are Squirrels?

Squirrels are young people aged 4 to 6.

The one-hour sessions will be a brilliant opportunity for Young People to take their first step into being part of Scouts, and they’ll help everyone get ready for the adventure of school too. Every week, they gather as a Squirrel Drey to hop, skip and jump their way through lots of different games and activities achieving anything they set their minds to, and having lots of fun along the way.


What do we do?

Sessions will be packed with outdoors activities, fun, games, badges, laughter, and so much more to help our youngest members learn the skills they need for life. Of course, none of it would be possible without the support of the amazing leaders who plan and deliver such an inspiring programme.


How does Squirrels work?

All Squirrels are members of the global Scout family. Closer to home, they’re also part of the 7th Southampton (Bassett) Scout Group, alongside our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.



The Drey is led by an adult Squirrel Leader and other adult Leaders. Our Leaders take their names from nuts.

Our Leaders are...

  • Acorn (Squirrel Scout Leader)

  • Pinecone (Assistant Squirrel Scout Leader)

  • Walnut (Young Leader)

  • Chestnut (Young Leader)

As well as the Squirrel Leaders, other adults may come and run specialist activities or share their skills. Other Young People aged 14 to 18 might help out too, these are Young Leaders.

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