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7th Southampton (Bassett)
Group History

We have been providing the Scouting Adventure for young people since 1914. In that time, thousands of Young People and adults have walked in to the group and had so much fun. It hasn't always been easy, there have been ups, downs and heartbreak. Unfortunately due to theft of records, we are still piecing together our history.


Lord Robert Baden-Powell launches the Scouting movement after the first Scout Camp on Brownsea Island.

1908 Scouts logo.png


The 7th Southampton (Bassett) Scout Group is formed and located at TOC H Headquarters.

Part of Southampton & District.

Toc h hq.png
1908 Scouts logo.png


7th Southampton (Bassett) Scout Group is registered at Gilwell!

(Cub Scouts is launched)

7th Bassett Logo.png
1908 Scouts logo.png


7th Southampton (Bassett) Scout Group becomes part of Southampton Central District.

Scouts Logo 1930s.jpg


John Sephton was killed in action on 21st May 1982 aged 35 whilst serving with H.M.S Ardent during the Falklands Conflict. He was a Queen's Scout of the Group.

The John Sephton Award was started.

John Sephton.png
John Sephton Award.png
Scouts Logo 1980 90s.jpg


7th Southampton (Bassett) Scout Group celebrates 75 years! A commemorative badge is created.

7th Southampton (Bassett) 75 years logo.png
Scouts Logo 1980 90s.jpg


The Group's Headquarters are broken in to and vandalized. Kit and equipment are damaged, stolen or burned.

The 7th Southampton (Bassett) Scout Group become part of Southampton City District.

Scouts Logo 2001.png


A tree falls on the Headquarters and goes through the roof.

Scouts Logo 2001.png


7th Southampton (Bassett) Cubs create and rebrand with Run With The Pack motto and logo.

Original run.png


The Group celebrates its 100th Anniversary of registration! A party is held at the Headquarters and a centenary badge is made.

7th Southampton (Bassett) 100 years logo.png


Development of the new land is started during the Covid 19 lockdown buy a small team bubble.


Our GSL Gail is awarded the Silver Wolf!

Run With The Pack turns 10 years old, a commemorative logo is made.

Run With The Pack Black 10th Anniversary logo.png
gail GSL.png


The Group LOGO is updated to fit the modern direction the 7th is going in.

7th Southampton (Bassett) logo.png
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